Stockholm Area Foundation

What is the Stockholm Area Foundation? A community foundation is classified by the IRS as a public charity, and can receive tax deductible donations. The foundation benefits a community by fitting in a niche in between government projects and private projects. For instance, a community foundation could help build a public bathroom facility in the village of Stockholm or fund scholarships for students at Pepin High School, or buy specialized equipment for the ambulance service, all with tax deductible donations. There are many, many possibilities for grant ideas.

Our new Stockholm Area Community Fund is organized under the 501c3 of the St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) Our next step is to build the endowment fund, which may take some time. Projects and services would be funded from the earnings of the fund, so it is important to build the fund to a significant size to generate the revenues for projects. This can be done by donations of money or stock or property, and donations from wills, estates and trusts. If you love the Stockholm area, this is a great opportunity to invest in the current and future prosperity of our community! Once the foundation has built significant money in the endowment, it can begin making grants to projects or services.

To find out more or make a donation, visit the Stockholm Area Community Fund's page: